About Troutdale Liquor

Brandon (B.B.) - Are you are bar manager? Did we deliver? Then you have definitely met Brandon. He is the main delivery driver and a PIC. He is well educated on the popular brands Troutdale Liquor has to offer and will gladly help you find that perfect liquor to start off that dinner party or get your party started. He has been with the store for over 6 years and continues to be one of the backbones here at Troutdale Liquor. He is a New York Jets fan so when you come in give him grief or a high five, your choice!

Brandon - Troutdale Liquor's night time PIC. Brandon has been a valued employee for over 7 years. If you are one of our customers that frequently shops in the evening then you have definitely met him. He is wonderful with customers and is always willing to answer your questions. He doesn't like football but he loves to eat. It always amazes us how a guy can be so small and eat so much!

Josh - If you are looking for that liquor you cannot find, have a question about a brand your friend mentioned to you last night then Josh is the man to talk to. He is the manager of the Troutdale Liquor, and has been with the store for over 9 years. He works Tuesday through Saturday during the day and is the person to talk to about anything liquor related. He is a Chicago Bears fan and loves bourbon and Sinfire, so come in, ask him questions and see if we offer that liquor you have had your heart set on.

Coral - When it comes to bar accessories Coral is the woman to talk to. She does all of Troutdale Liquor's ordering of mixers, glassware, clothing and any other liquor related essential. She's been with the store for over 5 years and does a great job of keeping in stock what the customers want. Always remember if we don't have it she will gladly look it up and bring it in, so ask for Coral!

The remaining staff includes Ashley, Annie, Cheryl, and Bob. They have been with the store from 7 years to 6 months. Everyone at the store has been OLCC certified and will gladly help answer your questions or point you in the right direction. Never hesitate to ask a question and learn more about liquor we offer. The employees of the Troutdale Liquor store pride themselves on knowing as much as we can about our products and if we don't know we will definitely find out!